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Das Gold im neuen Altgeist

The Gold Will Return


The Rhine daughter yearns for the gold that was robbed from the deep blue waters from which she emerged. The red that covers her has become more intense, and the soft golden light has illuminated her. She knows that those who revel above the Rhine in the city of gods are false. The gold that they forged into a ring will be returned and refined, and she will be re-united with that which she was commanded to love and protect. 

4. The Waves

As the disturbances move upon the waters, clamoring waves encompass the Rhine daughters, and the river swells over its banks. All of nature is awakened, struggling to contain the forces that unsettle it. Amidst the crashing thunder and roaring waves, the Rhine daughters react in yearning and anguish, remembering the gold that was stolen from them, that once resided with them in the stillness of its warm light.

Steadfast Watch on the River Rhine


She does not wear a military outfit; there are no ringing swords or clashing armor on her watch, no heroic glory, not even humble words and sacrifice to bring her honor. The blue waters that cover her and the red disturbance that moves over the waters are her defense. Her watch is true; the line stands here.

The Cry Resounds Like Thunder’s Crash


A crash of thunder awakens her as the flash of lightning whitens the darkness. The Rhine daughter hearkens. Momentarily the sleeping world of nature around her is alight with brightness. Its presence is still and silent, yet inescapable. In the darkness once again, the vibrancy of the moment remains, sure, certain, and unspoken.

She Threw Her Ring into the Fire


Troubled and tempted to despair, the Rhine daughter holds the creation of her own mind and hands before her. It burns in the fire, but she does not attempt to save it. The despair of continuing with her own will is greater than the despair of letting go of it.



The hands with which this Rhine daughter has built her kingdom are cringed. There is pain and fear on her face. Her joy in building has turned to despair. 


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