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Das Gold im neuen Altgeist

2. The River Rhine

As the blue recedes from the red, the form of a tree emerges, branded against a yellow sky.  The colors move, creating figures and landscapes.  Blue and yellow create green, covering the trees on the banks of the Rhine, while blue, yellow and red create brown, crafting the limbs of the World Ash Tree.  As the primary colors separate and combine in unceasing motion, the figures move as the colors move them.

Flooding of the Rhine


As the Rhine floods the plains, its waters threaten Walhalla, the city of the gods. The voices of the Rhine maidens rise with the waters, crying for the return of the gold that was stolen from the depths. The gods shudder at their cries, for the ring is the icon of their power. Should they lose it, they would be lost in darkness forever. 

Blue, Red and Yellow


As the Rhine daughter in the painting Evening on the Rhine emerges from the deep blue waters and the red earth, illuminated by the golden light, so does the life of nature emerge from the same water, earth, and light. Without these, nature is dead; it cannot offer true refuge, peace, or comfort apart from the blue, red, and yellow that sustains it. 

Five Hours Later


The scene seems peaceful and harmonious, as the deer stand quietly under the lush trees in the early morning light. To be one with nature in this idyllic place forever! Five hours later, hunger and thirst set in, and the heat is unbearable. Where is protection from these harsh forces? An air-conditioned car now seems inviting. Let nature suffer through the dreadful hours alone. 

Academy of Philosophy


“Okay, here she comes; be friendly and act normal.” She must suppress the feelings of abhorrence that well up inside her. Ever since her friend joined the academy of philosophy, she can hardly look her in the eye. What induces her to feel so strongly when so many people embrace the ideas that are taught there? Why not just drop the feelings that produce this human barrier and get along? It’s something in nature that she cannot control, something out there that binds her. She must let that go first—before she can be free. 

The Cycle Will End


Protect it; do not destroy it. Have pity upon it, and understand. Do not require from it to elevate you in glory. The pathway has not been placed to honor you. The tree is green but for a season, and the red blaze of the sun upon the rock will set. One day the cycle will end, and in its place, there will be darkness.


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