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Das Gold im neuen Altgeist

6. The Cycle Ends

The green tree that once stood by the path has been taken away, and the red blaze of the sun upon the rock has set.  The deep blue, the earthy red, and the golden yellow that brought the daughters into existence and protected them in the tumult of the waves now cover them as the gold is returned to the River Rhine.



The land before her is treacherous, and her head throbs. It seems that the way to go is there, over the ravine. In the overwhelming darkness, the light about her is blinding. She cannot reason with the darkness to find the way; neither can she reason with the light, but is compelled by it. 

Michael Shipman
Michael Shipman


Michael Shipman

The Princess and the Pea


The sun may be setting now as we return to the girl sitting at her window. It has been the morning and the evening of a day. The stories in which this Rhine daughter has participated are different in details from those of the Nordic gods we encountered. But, like all stories, hers were generated by the blue, red, and yellow. As a princess, and not a god, her gold is not forged into a ring..

Michael Shipman
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