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Das Gold im neuen Altgeist

5. The Cycle Continues

The luster of Walhalla shimmers unnaturally over the waters of the River Rhine.  The gods glory in their city, hiding their faces from the cries of the Rhine maidens who yearn for the gold’s return.  As the fiery glimmer of Walhalla beacons to the daughters in the Rhine, they are reminded of the warning of Erda to shun the ring.

The Two Trees


Pushing against the World Ash Tree, she finds herself thrust against the other. Their branches mingle in the light above, and deep in the darkness of the earth, their roots are intertwined. The body of the young Rhine maiden is merged with the bright space about her, her head and arms merged with the brown of the ash trees. 

The Spear


Wotan carved the spear from the World Ash Tree, giving up his vision in one eye as payment for his action. The daughter of the Rhine now holds the spear. Her gaze is transfixed, blinded by the golden light that seems to dissolve the spear into its brightness. Has the light shattered the spear or has the spear pierced the light? The clear blue that reflects from her shoulder into her brown eyes seems to hold the answer. 

Freia's Golden Apples


She wants it. The sweet, golden, life- giving fruit of the goddess Freia, whose apples are said to rejuvenate the world. How can she obtain it? Will it give her everlasting access to the life she enjoys? As she ponders this, a vision of the apple appears before her, but it is inaccessible in the life she now lives. 


I Have Warned You; You Know Enough


Her sister has warned her of the dangers that lie beyond the barrier. Deceiving, desirable, dark and dreadful. Mysterious and beckoning the fiery ring seems. What is it, my sister? Say more, that I may know! “I have warned you; you know enough. Reflect in fear and dread!” 

The Will of the Earth


It is time for this Rhine girl to define herself. “I am who I am, not who you want me to be,” she says. She stirs the earth and the waters, the very elements from which she and her will together are made, and as she stirs, her will is stirred. And the earth says, “I will decide who you are, because you are mine.” 

The Seal


The Rhine maiden has gathered gold from her beloved river. Its gleam is bright, brilliant, and beautiful to behold. She molds it into a golden tower. It sits there, motionless and silent. Wherein lies the power, the life that should awaken it? 

The Monument


As she descends into the waters from which she came, she ponders the monument that will be her legacy. Forged from the gold and the elements of the earth, it reflects her image. She has heard that the gold was stolen and that it will some day be returned to the River Rhine. What then will become of her monument? 



Loge, the fire god, has searched the world and found nothing equal to the gold in power and majesty. But the gold has been stolen from the River Rhine, bringing a curse on all who play with its power. Loge uses his cunning to advise the foolish gods and Rhine maidens, but to no avail. He knows that the gold, stolen and forged into a ring, brings only a curse on those who covet it. 

The Unchanging Story


Erda, the mother earth, is said to know all that was, all that is, and all that will be. She has seen civilizations rise and fall under the curse of the golden ring. She speaks: “All that is shall come to an end; a dark day dawns for the gods: I charge you, shun the ring!” 

The Faithful


On November 2nd, 1782, cattle grazed softly on the green meadow. A bird flew overhead. The statue seemed to speak, but it was dead. Henceforth, both the institutional facets and the multi-faceted institutions of the organization were explored. 

Forged Gold


She appeals to Loge to help her restore the forged gold to its rightful place—the depths of the River Rhine. But, alas, the gold is not his to give, for he is only half god. He can only pass on its curse to the maiden who covets it. If she wants the pure gold, she must wait for its return to the River. 

Where's My Apple


She deserves better than this. After all, didn’t she do everything she was told and more? A few minor slips, what’s that compared to everyone else? What’s wrong with God? Why doesn’t he do something about it? 



Having acquired the stolen gold, she mocks the gods with a twisted grin. Her right arm is twisted backwards as she grips the gold, forcing her into a corner. It seems that the gold has a will of its own, as even in her grip, it now seems to be gripping her. 

Wotan's Masterpiece


It is better to give than to receive. Help us to give so that we may be better. It is more blessed to love than to be loved. Help us to love so that we may be blessed. It is more honorable to console than to be consoled. Help us to console others so that we may be honored. 

The Idea


All ideas are equal in importance and status. None is better than another except the idea that one idea is the best. Thus, not all ideas are equal in importance and status. 

Dedication of the Spear


Wotan renounces the law of the World Ash Tree. He chops it down and gives up one eye in order to carve a spear from the tree, through which he will enforce his own law. But alas, Wotan breaks his law. This is the beginning of his end. He now needs the power of the ring to free himself from this curse, or so he thinks. 

Growing Up


With her gaze transfixed on a bright new future of possibilities, the teddy bear and rabbit that accompanied her into the world will soon pass back into the earth. 

Wailing Rhine Daughter


Oh, that she would receive her request! Let her cries be heard! Let them move the waters and change the course of nature in her favor. For she pours out her heart, her inner being floods the plains, and the sound of her wailing tears the skies. Strive to the utmost, and you will attain! Cry and wail, for the reward surely must come? 

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