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"Like a torrent rushing from the heights to the valley below the creation moves from above down to the final work: first the formless, then form in rhythm; then the second form, in law, in number.  The creation attains its own being, more and more, ever clearer in separation from the form of the Creator; and it proclaims His nearness ever more jubilantly."


These are the words of the well-respected German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) (Creation and Fall, Simon and Schuster, Inc.) 


This quote puts our clean energy project into perspective.


Our material world, and the activities and conditions it embodies, emerges from and is sustained and preserved through an underlying infinite well. From an initially formless condition, form, organization, physical laws, landforms, life, matter, and energy emerge from this well in orderly rhythmic succession.  This infinite well forms the underlying, dynamic, form creating, and form sustaining substrate of all physical existence. The energy that materializes from this well is like a well with an infinite supply of water from which one can draw without ever running out or having to dig deeper. This well is known as the physical vacuum and is not available to direct observation.  Interestingly enough, the waters of this well can be split down the middle to create a force, which can be used to produce energy in whatever way one would like to use it, as will be explained in this free eBook.

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