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The Sound of the Tree through the Forms of the Veil

6.1 Ribs


Those who have found God in the cross of Jesus Christ know how wonderfully God hides himself in this world and how he is closest precisely when we believe him to be most distant.

 --D. Bonhoeffer,

God is on the Cross: Reflections on Lent and Easter


With the renting of the veil, the light breaks through again.  The temple is there with the red of the blood and the blue of the waters upon the unbroken ribs.  

And under the flaming sword under the Cross, mankind dies.  But Christ lives.  The stem of the Cross becomes the staff of life, and in the midst of the world life is set up anew upon the cursed ground.  In the middle of the world the spring of life wells up on the wood of the cross, and those who thirst for life are called to the water,...

 --D. Bonhoeffer, Creation and Fall

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