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The Sound of the Tree through the Forms of the Veil

4.1 Origin


Because it was dark upon the formless deep, the light must create form.  As the formless night becomes form by the light of the morning, as the light creates and unveils form, so that primaeval light had to order the chaos and unveil form.  If that word from the darkness was the first reference to the Passion of Jesus Christ, so now the freeing of the submissive, formless deep for its own being by means of the light is the reference to the light that shines in the darkness.  The light awakens the darkness to its own being, to free worship of the Creator. 

--D. Bonhoeffer, Creation and Fall


Through the night, the inner light has flickered from the lampstands across the the violet veil and the golden forms. Who tends to this oil that becomes light?   In the morning, the outer light breaks through the eastern wall, lending yellow to the designs in blue and red.  Who may worship before this glory?  

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